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Perhaps you’ve wondered where all of the academic law libraries in the United States are physically located, or perhaps you haven’t. Perhaps you’re searching for an academic law library job and trying to compare the variety of job openings. Do you want to see the library’s Twitter profile (if it has one)? Its Facebook page or blog? Maybe you’re curious how many academic law libraries are named after a particular benefactor or jurist. Well, you might just be in the right place.

What You’ll Find

During the past six months or so, I’ve spent a bit of my free time collecting the information that follows from a variety of sources, mostly online. I am a new academic law librarian and have been curious about the institutions that members of my profession work in. I’m also a bit of an obsessive, so, after finishing a work project involving some of this data, I simply kept going, collecting things I found interesting. (Oh, and I’ve done this kind of thing before.)

First, you’ll find the institutional affiliation of academic law libraries from ABA accredited law schools in the United States. You’ll find addresses, city and state information, and a map with all that. And you’ll find the library’s name, if it has one, and its Twitter handle, if it has one. I’ve also added Facebook pages and blogs. Finally, I’ve added staff directory pages, too. I’m not aware of any other source that has combined these things, so perhaps you’ll find this useful. If you are a law libraries institution and want to host this data, see my contact information below.

What You Won’t Find (Yet)

I am planning to do some visualizations of information I find interesting and perhaps put together a relational database with some other publicly available data so you can compare areas. But of course, if your motive is noncommercial, you may copy, reuse, and remix this data any way you wish.

If you have suggestions for other things I should add, or if you see a mistake, just drop me a line. So far I have received great feedback from many law librarians. Send me a tweet; I am @kirschsubjudice. If email is your thing, I’ve set up an account for this project — lawlibrarydata AT gmail DOT com. You can also leave a comment below, but it may take me a while to see it.

But enough about all that — here’s the information you came for:

LAST UPDATED: 2016-04-15

Where are all the academic law libraries?

And the link: Academic Law Libraries (Map)

Where is the dataset?

Download it right here: Academic Law Libraries (Data – XLSX) or Academic Law Libraries (Data – CSV)

Law Library Blogs and Twitter Accounts

For a collection of recently updated institutional law library blog feeds, see this collection on Feedly: Law Libraries

The Kathrine R. Everett Law Library (my home institution) keeps a list of Academic Law Libraries on Twitter, which I maintain.

Creative Commons License
Academic Law Libraries by Aaron Kirschenfeld is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Who knows what copyright I actually have in this collection of information, anyway, right?

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