I am the Digital Initiatives Law Librarian at the University of North Carolina School of Law’s Kathrine R. Everett Law Library. I am also a Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, teaching Advanced Legal Research.

I am particularly interested in legal citation analysis and how lawyers use citation indexing tools (citators). I am also interested in free and low-cost legal information resources–how to build them, how to provide them, how to encourage lawyers and other legal professionals to use them, and how they will affect the legal services market in the future. I want to see all lawyers, no matter what area or areas they practice in, have access to affordable, excellent resources that meet their needs. I am fascinated by American legal history and the history of law publishing, as well.

The goals I have for myself as a professional are easy to understand but difficult to obtain. I want to become an excellent teacher, a trusted and knowledgeable law librarian, a respected and active scholar, a practical coder, and an able administrator. Right now, I consider myself an apprentice — a monk-in-training at the cathedral of legal information, not yet a journeyman version of the great master Harry Tuttle.

There is more detailed information about my professional activities on LinkedIn.