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Welcome to “Consult The Index”

What is this? This is a blog. It is about legal information in the broadest sense, in that it is usually helpful to look at general issues in either law, legal education, the use of consumer computing technology, or information science and apply them to the field more narrowly. I am also kind of a dilettante, so, there’s that.

Why now? I am a legal information professional in training, graduating with a dual J.D. / M.S.I.S. in May 2015. For the past three and a half years, I have been studying up and, for the most part, keeping my developing thoughts to myself. As Willie Nelson once sang, “you can’t make a record if you ain’t got nothin’ to say,” and, as I approach the start of my career, I am feeling the itch to say some things.

What can I expect? Posts, not more than 800 words in length, that will be readable, containing

no areas for user-generated comments. Most will be by me, but I am considering allowing my good friend Burnham Sullivan to contribute reviews of relevant (or irrelevant) books, movies, or television programs. Both Burnham and I are former professional writers, so we will do our best to make good sentences. Subjects, verbs, adjectives — we’ll have them all.

And how often? Every so. We’ll be seeing you all on down the line.